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Welcome to the Inner Mastery Exceptional Leader Program!

The Exceptional Leader Program provides the insights, personal and professional development, and resources that you need to elevate yourself into the top tier of leaders. It is designed specifically to enable you to develop the key skills and leadership presence needed to thrive and excel at the highest levels.

Studies have shown that “exceptional leaders”, those in the top 20%, outperform merely “good” leaders by 200% to 400% or more! For this reason, one of the best leader development investments that you can make is to promote the development of good leaders into exceptional leaders. Our Exceptional Leader Coaching Program™ is designed to do precisely that.

Here’s What to Expect in the IMELP 

This video will help you to understand what to expect throughout the Inner Master Exceptional Leader Program and what is expected of you.

Download the IMELP Curriculum Spreadsheet and save it in your coaching Dropbox folder. This lists the assignments and reflection questions for each lesson so that you will know what is due for each lesson (these are also in the Online Learning Center in each lesson, below the video). Use the column in the worksheet with the heading “X” to keep track of the lessons that you have completed so that you will know that you are up to date with your assignments.

I recommend completing the lessons and assignments at the BEGINNING of the two week period so that you can apply and practice what you are learning in your everyday activities.

Your first assignment is located below this video.



Download and complete the New Client Information Form and save it to your Dropbox “Exercises” folder.

Next Up:

After watching the welcome video, please select the “Getting Started” lesson below. Enjoy!

Course Content

Lessons Status

ELP-Getting Started


ELP Leadership Excellence


ELP BIAS & Perception


ELP Communication Magic


ELP Emotional Mastery


ELP Productivity


ELP Committed Action


ELP COREMAP Introduction


ELP TLC360 Assessment


ELP Team Development


ELP Onward!