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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Mark Youngblood, CEO of Inner Mastery Inc.

 Helping our clients achieve new heights of

personal and professional excellence

is our greatest pleasure!



Carl Sparks CEO

“While CEO of Travelocity, I engaged Mark to work extensively with me and my top team.  We made impressive progress on many dimensions from leadership skills to major breakthroughs in self-insight and self-mastery.  That time with Mark remains one of the most formative stages of my career and personal journey.  I am forever grateful.”

Carl Sparks, former CEO of Travelocity

EXCEPTIONAL LEADERS — those who perform above the 80th percentile — contribute 200% - 400% more than average leaders! Do you want to be EXCEPTIONAL?

Exceptional Leader Coaching Program

Transformational year-long executive coaching program for C-level, Sr. VP’s, and VP’s

Inner Mastery Leadership Development Program

Powerful six-month online leadership development program for Directors, Sr. Managers, and GM’s

Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Half- or Full-day workshops to help teams/groups rapidly and dramatically improve their emotional intelligence. Customizable to your needs!

Personal Development

The Radiant Soul Program offers online training and a loving community to individuals interested in rapid personal development and spiritual growth.

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Every week we send a short email with a valuable leadership insight or useful tip to help you continually grow as a leader. We originally limited this to just our clients. But due to our commitment to helping anyone who wants to become a better leader, we recently opened it up to the public. You can now receive these updates too! Click below to get started!

What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Executive Coaching Experiences…

Wow!  Mark’s coaching was a complete game changer for me.  It really helped me to understand where I was holding back as a leader and how best to evolve my leadership style for maximum effectiveness.  The tools & techniques that Mark uses are priceless and are applicable to any situation or circumstance.  I could have never grown into my current position, effectively managing 200+ people without his coaching.

Angela Langston

Chief Success Officer, Let's Create Something beautiful

I am so grateful for all Mark Youngblood has done for me professionally & personally.  Given the monumental change with me, Mark has gone on to coach 4 of my leaders and conducted several workshops for our teams. Unexpectedly, the executive coaching benefits have impacted my personal life, profoundly impacting my parenting of 3 young, impressionable boys.  Thank you Mark for all that you’ve shared with and taught me!

Sloan Dean

Chief Operating Officer, Remington Hotels

Mark Youngblood helped me see that my self-concept as a leader and the ways I was leading weren’t helping me any longer.  He opened me up to exploring more about myself, my core values and gifts, my leadership potential, and what I want in career and life.  What he shared and guided me through in leadership and life has been invaluable to me over the past several years. 

Justin Odenbach

GM, Chicago Branch, Slalom Consulting

Based on personal experience, Mark is highly skilled in guiding breakthrough results through his coaching methods and tools.  Because his approach focuses on the whole person rather than simply work behaviors, root causes are addressed which provide lasting improvements.  Along the way, Mark is also unafraid to challenge his clients and hold them accountable in a way that promotes growth. 

Steve Dumaine

EVP Vacations, Apple Leisure Group

Mark has highly tuned empathy that enables him go well beyond conventional executive coaching to help you become the best possible leader, and your best self. Working with Mark and his proven system of self discover and feedback loops with lots of support, I’ve become more effective and more centered in all aspects of my life. I wish I’d had the Inner Mastery resources and Mark’s guidance earlier in my career!

Gail Graham

former Chief Marketing Officer, United Capital Financial Advisors, LLC

Mark is a very differentiated coach compared to other such engagements I’ve experienced.  Mark invests the time to understand the mental and emotional building blocks of any one individual, and then works on realigning the person so they can achieve their fullest potential.  With me and my team, Mark was both direct and caring, candid and encouraging, forthright and confidence building, all at the same time! 

Roshan Mendes

Chief Commercial Officer, Sabre Travel Network

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